Caitlin Murphy



1) l love to paint, and have a particular affinity for pet portraiture. 2) I grew up in Virginia Beach 3) My favorite holiday is Thanksgiving and my family is huge—last year we had 40 people at dinner. 4) My favorite sport is lacrosse. It's hereditary—my dad, 3 siblings, and I all played lacrosse at the college level. 5) Reality TV is my guilty pleasure, especially the Real Housewives franchise 6) I love—but sometimes hate— running. One time I ran a marathon and I don't think I'll do it again. 7)  My zodiac sign is Leo. 8) My sisters and I have seen every episode of FRIENDS at least 5 times. "This is just like that one episode of FRIENDS" a staple in our conversational vocabulary. 9) I'm a very proud alumna of the College of William & Mary. Go Tribe! 10) I may have grown up in a beach town, but my favorite place in the world is my family's lakehouse. 11) I'm Irish, if my name didn't already give that away. 12) My ideal vacation is going snow-skiing out west.