Caitlin Murphy

Hello Products Brand Extension

Client: Hello Products

Brief:  Extend Hello Products into another product category where they can be successful utilizing their current brand ethos.

Brand Background:

Hello Products is a design-focused brand with a friendly personality. Their current lineup consists of oral care products: toothpaste, breath spray and mouth wash all made with natural ingredients, in packaging sleek enough to display on your counter.

our Approach: 

We set out to find another aisle in the grocery store that is in desperate need of the Hello ethos, and we found our opportunity in the intimacy aisle. It's an aisle line full of toxic ingredients, gaudy packaging, and it's surrounded by marketing that's aggressive and over-the-top.


We conducted a survey and hosted a focus group of 11 participants (6 male, 5 female) to find out what people truly think of the brands in the intimacy aisle. We boiled it down to two pain points: 1) Nobody personally identifies with these brands  2) There is a shame and awkwardness with purchasing these products in store.



Eliminate awkward from the intimacy aisle by designing a more approachable, more empowering sexual wellness brand. 

Team: Caitlin Murphy (CBM), Ekta Shah (ST), Alex Mcclelland (AD), Jessica Sugerman (AD), Will Bareford (CW), Kelly Padgett (XD)