Caitlin Murphy


When creating a quote for a custom painting, I take into account how many hours I think it will take to complete and the cost of materials. See below for estimates on popular canvas sizes.

18 X 24 $300 $215
16 X 20 $270 $190
12 X 16 $225 $155
11 X 14 $215 $145
12 X 12 $190 $125
10 X 10 $145 $115
8 X 10 $140 $90

Please note: These are just estimates. Final price may vary depending on the project.
Estimates do not include cost of shipping for out of town orders.


Oil vs. Acrylic

I work with both Oil and Acrylic paints. The main difference between the two is drying time. Acrylic paint dries very quickly - I can work faster, but the blending isn’t as subtle as an oil painting.

Oil paints dry much slower. They are easier to blend, and in my opinion result in a richer, more vibrant color. That being said, oil paintings take longer to complete.

If you’re interested in commissioning a painting, we can talk through which option is the best for your subject matter.