Caitlin Murphy

Ben & Jerry's Brand Extension


Ben & Jerry's Pet Food Extension

The Challenge: Design a pet food line for Ben & Jerry's. 

The approach:

The Ben & Jerry's brand has an iconic personality; it's fun, quirky, and celebratory. We made sure to honor this personality as we developed a new line of Ben & Jerry's pet products: a toy that entertains for hours, a treat that comes in a variety of decadent flavors, and a cake that celebrates man's most loyal friend. Check them out below. 


The Toy

Dogs love a toy that has hidden treasures inside. The Sweet Tooth from Ben & Jerry's has a durable exterior—perfect for chewing and teeth-cleaning—and a hollow interior. We've designed the "cone" interior as the perfect hiding place for treats, but not just any treat...

aint nuthin butta.png

The Filler

Introducing Ben & Jerry's Doggie Dough. Doggie Dough is 100% natural, safe for your dog's stomach, and insanely delicious. With a similar consistency to peanut butter, you can squeeze this treat into your Ben & Jerry's dog toy, and keep your pooch entertained for hours as they work to get every last bit of it. And with names like Ain't Nothin Butta, The Pawsuit of Happiness, and No Bull-ogna, these flavors have all the quirkiness you've come to expect from Ben & Jerry's ice cream line.  

open front pet cake.png

the cake

Did you know that 63% of pet owner's celebrate their dog's birthday? Why not give them the cake they deserve? We've designed a line of Dog-gone Delicious Cakes which can be personalized and ordered online, then picked up at your nearest Ben & Jerry's location. Just like our Doggie Dough, these cakes use all-natural, pet-friendly ingredients. As an added bonus, there's a Ben & Jerry's Sweet Tooth toy hidden inside. It's a gift that truly keeps on giving. 


Team: Caitlin Murphy (CBM), Rian Chandler-Dovis (CBM), Troy Gary (CBM), Ben Patty (CBM)